Meet Our Team

Dave Phelan

Chief Marketing Officer

Dave Phelan is an integral part of the development process during the design stage. He’s focus on a quick product launch makes him an excellent partner when creating long-term design decisions. He also handles internal marketing efforts of Founders Approach in the development community.

Philip DiMuro

Lead Project Manager

Philip DiMuro’s dedication to task and detail oriented nature makes him a fundamental part of the team. He handles onboarding new clients, systems architecture, and bringing ideas to life. His focus is client satisfaction and he oversees all projects under contract at Founders Approach.

The Development Team

Founders Approach development team is widespread and diverse in their knowledge of technologies. With over 20 dedicated IT professionals having over 85 total projects under their portfolio we are sure that we can find you the first team to bring your idea to life. Our management team works closely with our contracted developers to create groundbreaking products and services. We are your IT partners no matter the problem you are trying to solve. Reach out to our team via the contact page and we’ll set up an introductory call.

Dedicated IT Professionals

Total Projects